Lipstick Trends: Hottest Colors and Finishes

Lipstick Trends: Hottest Colors and Finishes

From the Little Red Riding Hood to the corporate power woman, lipstick has been a classic staple of the beauty world since the nineteenth century. It’s undergone plenty of changes since then, from the not-so-wearable shades of early twentieth-century to the wild array of hues and formulas now seen everywhere from Insta-beauties to runways. Ready to update your collection? Let’s explore the lipstick trends that are hot right now.

The new year brings new trends, and for those looking to make 2021 their best year yet, liven up their look with the latest in lipstick styles. From natural to bold, there’s something for everyone. Let’s explore the fashionable side of pucker up for 2021.

  • Nudes: Nude lip colors are a classic, and this year’s trends are no different. From light, barely-there hues to creamy mauves, nude lippies are here to stay. For those who want to make a subtle statement, nudes are an excellent option.
  • Shimmers: If you’re after something a bit more glam, shimmers are the way to go. These eye-catching shades provide just the right amount of sparkle for a night out. A little goes a long way, so try adding a shimmery touch to your lips and see how it shakes up your look.
  • Vivid Colors: Get ready to take your look up a notch. Vivid colors like bright pink, red, and even blue are making a statement in 2021. For those who like to stand out, go for bold and make a statement with bold colors and dramatic styles.

Whatever lipstick trend you choose, there’s no wrong way to go. What matters most is that you feel good in your own skin. So, grab your favorite shade, and pucker up for 2021.

2. Bold is Beautiful: Hottest Colors to Rock

Bold colors are a girl’s best friend! You don’t have to be afraid of shining brighter than the sun. Whether you’re looking for a subtle pop of color or a full-on color blast, you can find the hue that speaks to you. Get ready to discover the hottest colors to rock this season:

  • Gilded Gold: Dare to shine bright with radiant shimmer! Gilded Gold is a flattering and timeless color that brightens up even the dreariest of days.
  • Sorbet Pink: Feeling sweet and demure? Sorbet Pink is a color that won’t take away from your vibrant personality. Rock this hue to add a unique twist to your classic look!
  • Aqua Blue: This eye-catching color makes a statement in any season. Get ready to keep heads turning with its regal hue.
  • Vibrant Violet: Shine in deep hues of lush violet. With its complex and elegant hue, Vibrant Violet is the perfect color for women who want to show off their feminine side.

Choose any of these hot colors for a bold and beautiful look that will have everyone turning your way! Whether you’re going for a subtle or statement-making look, make sure to Let Your Colors Show. Be the star of the show this season with striking colors that will make you the center of attention!

3. Shine On: Fabulous Finishes to Try Now

Metallic – Make an instant style statement with the modern vibe of metallic finishes. You can choose to go for an all-out silver and gold sheen or opt for statement pieces accented with brass, chrome, and bronze. Metallic finishes add a touch of glamour and luxury to any home!

Epoxy Resin – Epoxy resin is the perfect material for creating unique surfaces. Whether you choose to pour it over a counter or use it to add delicate details to a piece of wood art, this unique material is sure to steal the show! It’s also incredibly versatile, so if you want to mix it up, feel free to experiment.

Marble – Marble has been on-trend for some time and is showing no signs of stopping. To get the full effect of this beautiful material, use it to create a feature wall, floor, or countertop. You can also use marble in much smaller ways, such as accent pieces or as a backsplash!

Shimmery Paint – Who said walls had to be boring? Shimmery paint is a great way to add sophistication and a touch of glamour to any room. Choose from metallic finishes like silver, gold, and bronze, or get creative and mix things up with shimmery hues like pink, purple, and blue.

Mixed Media – Incorporating diverse materials is a great way to achieve an interesting look. Try pairing stone, tile, wood, and metal together in creative ways. Mix-and-matching gives your space a unique appearance and allows you to create your own signature style.

4. Be Lippy: Unlock your Beauty Potential

There is nothing more attractive and powerful than a woman with a luscious pout. Having the perfect set of lips is a must for any modern trendsetter.

1. Find the Right Shade: It is important to select a lipstick hue that’s right for you. Find the shade that compliments your skin tone and features. Play around to find the perfect match.

2. Pick the Right Formula:
When it comes to lipsticks and glosses, there is something for everybody. Do you want a matte look? Maybe a classic matte finish it is. Do you want to shine? Go for a creamy shimmery version.

3. Try Different Looks:
You don’t have to stick to one lipstick tone. Be bold and experiment with different shades and combinations. Go from pink to coral and burgundy or mix it all up and create the perfect ombre effect.

4. Keep It Moist:
It’s important to keep your lips hydrated. Choose a lipstick that is enriched with nourishing ingredients. And don’t forget to apply lip balm regularly.

5. Search for Inspiration:
Not sure what color to pick? If you don’t want to go for a conventional shade, search for ideas and inspiration online. Also, don’t forget to consult your friends, and together go through latest and hottest looks.

So what are you waiting for? Unlock your beauty potential and make sure to Be Lippy!

Lipstick can be a transformative accessory for any look. No matter your style and skintone, you’re sure to find a color and finish that’s perfect for you! So take your pick, break out of your comfort zone, and get ready to rock the hottest lipstick trends!


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