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DIY Lip Scrubs: Exfoliate for Soft and Smooth Lips

The average person consumes around 8lbs of lipstick in their lifetime; it's time to keep those luscious lips looking their best! DIY lip scrubs are a simple and effortless way to exfoliate away dry skin and reveal soft, smooth lips.

Bold vs. Nude: Lipstick Styles for Different Occasions

There's a time and place for every type of lip! From natural nudes and bold berry hues to timeless classic red, there are endless lipstick options to suit any occasion. So next time you need the perfect lip look, remember: daring is always in style!

Long-Lasting Lipstick: Techniques for All-Day Wear

Struggling to make your lipstick last for the whole day? Learn some of our best tips and tricks on how to make your favourite lip colour last until you take it off.

Lipstick Application 101: Mastering the Perfect Cupid’s Bow

Achieve Cupid's bow perfection with our lipstick application 101 guide! Step-by-step, we'll guide you through the basics from line-drawing to bottom-smacking for a flawless pout every time.

Lipstick Trends: Hottest Colors and Finishes

For all beauty-lovers, lipsticks are essential! Get ready to try the season's hottest colors and finishes, from muted mauve to glossy gloss. Create the look you want with these sultry shades.

Lip Care for Winter: Combatting Dryness and Cracking

Treating your lips for winter doesn't have to be a chore! Combat dryness and cracking with simple steps like keeping them hydrated with a light balm, protecting them with a water-resistant sunscreen, and exfoliating the surface with a gentle scrub.

Perfect Pout: Tips for Choosing the Right Lipstick Shade

Finding that perfect pout isn't always easy, but with the right lipstick shade it can be done! Get ready to pucker up and show off your show-stopping lips with these genius lipstick tips!

Lip Care Essentials: Nourish and Hydrate Your Lips

Super soft lips are just a few simple steps away! Learn how to nourish and hydrate your pout with these lip care essentials for a healthy, happy kisser.

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